Bully Proof your child in Murfreesboro Tennessee at NAK Martial Arts


It’s important to take action to ensure their safety and well-being. Here are some steps you can take to help your child deal with bullying:

Listen to your child: Encourage your child to talk about what’s happening and listen carefully to their concerns. Let them know that you take their feelings seriously and will do everything you can to help them.

Contact the school: If the bullying is happening at school, contact the school administration and report the incident. Most schools have policies in place to deal with bullying, and they will work with you to address the issue.

Teach your child assertiveness skills: Help your child develop assertiveness skills to stand up to the bully and assert their boundaries. Encourage them to speak up for themselves in a calm and confident manner.

Support your child’s self-esteem: Being bullied can take a toll on a child’s self-esteem, so it’s important to provide your child with support and encouragement. Help them focus on their strengths and accomplishments, and engage them in activities that make them feel confident and capable.

Consider counseling: If your child is experiencing significant emotional distress as a result of the bullying, consider seeking professional counseling to help them process their feelings and develop coping skills.

Monitor the situation: Keep an eye on the situation to ensure that the bullying has stopped and your child is safe. Encourage your child to speak up if the bullying continues or if they experience any other safety concerns.

Remember to take bullying seriously and to take action to ensure your child’s safety and well-being. By providing your child with support and resources, you can help them develop the resilience and coping skills they need to overcome bullying and thrive.💪
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Coach Dave

Owner | Head Coach

For over 35 years, Coach Dave Dow has immersed himself in martial arts, now teaching Muay Thai in Murfreesboro TN. With expertise in Budo Taijutsu, Muay Thai, BJJ, Dog Brothers Martial Arts, and Judo, Dave spent 7 years in Japan, interpreting for his teacher and the Grand Master. Teaching since his junior year at the University of Michigan, he's competed in Grappling tournaments and Muay Thai, fostering over 2000 students and guiding 26 to black belt excellence.