Unlocking Your Child’s Potential: Age-Appropriate Kids Martial Arts Training in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Importance of age-appropriate kids Martial Arts training

Gone are the days when kids martial arts schools lumped children into two broad age categories: six and under, and seven and up. Unfortunately, many schools still rely on these outdated methods, or worse, opt for “family style” classes that mix young children with adults. Such a one-size-fits-all approach fails to address the unique needs and challenges faced by children at different stages of development.

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A New Way to Train Kids Martial arts

At NAK Martial Arts, we’ve revolutionized kids’ martial arts training by developing a curriculum that caters to each age group’s specific requirements. Drawing on my extensive expertise in child development, we’ve carefully crafted a program that combines the art of Muay Thai with a deep understanding of how children learn and grow. By doing so, we ensure that children not only acquire valuable self-defense skills but also engage in an age-appropriate training regimen that optimizes their progress.

 Our curriculum is designed to maximize learning through active participation and game-based drills. By making each session fun and engaging, we stimulate children’s working memory, enhancing their retention and skill acquisition. Unlike other schools, we understand that every child is unique. Therefore, before joining their first NAK Martial Arts class, we conduct a thorough age-specific pre-evaluation. This assessment allows us to identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, tailoring our program to their individual growth and development.

NAK Martial Arts isn’t just another martial arts program. It’s the result of decades of ongoing research and development, ensuring that our training aligns with the latest insights into how children learn. Moreover, our deep understanding of Muay Thai guarantees an authentic and comprehensive martial arts experience for your child.

The benefits of our approach are undeniable. By providing age-appropriate training, NAK Martial Arts empowers children to unlock their true potential. Through discipline, focus, and self-confidence gained from martial arts, children develop essential life skills that extend beyond the training mat. Our carefully curated curriculum ensures that each child is challenged appropriately, fostering growth and progress in a safe and supportive environment. 

Star your child’s Martial arts Journey Today!

In conclusion, if you’re seeking the ultimate kids’ martial arts experience, look no further than NAK Martial Arts Our age-specific approach, combined with engaging and effective teaching methods, sets us apart from the rest. By optimizing your child’s learning experience through active participation and game-based drills, we unlock their potential and cultivate a lifelong love for martial arts. Join us on this incredible journey and witness firsthand the transformative impact of age-appropriate kids’ martial arts training. 

Enroll your child in NAK Martial Arts today and watch them soar to new heights!

Kids learning with others or alone on a screen
Combatting the Summer Brain Drain:

How Martial Arts Keeps Young Minds Sharp

The “Summer Brain Drain,” also known as the “Summer Slide,” is a parent’s and educator’s worst nightmare. It’s when your child’s months of hard work–hours upon hours of math homework, late nights working on science projects, and car rides spent quizzing history flashcards–all begin to slip away. It’s a decay in learning, which then can have a domino effect on a child’s physical, emotional, and social development.

Ever wonder how knowledge retention works? Here’s what we know. Skills deteriorate over time at a rate determined by the specified task, predicted by the individual’s original level of learning. The old adage  “Use it or lose it”. Therefore, the method yielding the highest initial learning level will lead to the highest level of skill retention over time. When summer break rolls around, learning takes a dramatic stop. In just a short amount of time the “Summer Brain Drain” begins and so begins the downward snowball in ALL development areas.


martial arts will help kids not get fat over the summer

The Problem: Children gain weight nearly twice as fast over the summer because they are snacking more often, many times out of boredom or lack of proper supervision. At the same time, many children are also less active over the summer because they sleep in longer, watch TV longer, play video games longer, etc. Although it may seem like they are more active over the summer, the lack of structure contributes to weight gain.

The Solution: Even just two days of structured physical activity, like martial arts, over the summer can dramatically affect children’s physical activities at home. They will have more energy and, therefore, more likely to engage in other physical activities throughout the summer. 


The Problem: To be blunt, the “Summer Brain Drain” happens when kids spend the summer months without learning or practicing their skills, leading them to fall behind on learning and academic achievements. During the school year teachers, coaches, and counselors are focused on helping children learn and grow. But what happens during the summer season when these people are not around? A decline in cognitive development.

The Solution: Child psychologists state that children who maintain some sense of a structured activity during the summer, like martial arts, do better in the initial months of the new academic school year. Martial Arts training through the summer reinforces a time commitment, and necessity to practice, reminds students to follow through, and gives them the learning environment they need to reinforce the skills they’re learning, which in turn strengthens their retention of academic knowledge. 


The Problem: When the school year ends, children lose a lot of key contributors that boost self-esteem…teachers, counselors, coaches, etc. This leads to less confidence entering the back-to-school season. Children who lose self-esteem over the summer enter the new school season with many fears associated with making new friends, meeting new teachers, and bullying.

The Solution: Structured martial arts classes provide a great environment for building children’s emotional development in a manner that is positive and productive, helping to ensure confidence, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. 


The Problem: Children who do not have proper social development over the summer tend to misbehave when they enter the new school season. At the same time, children who do not have sufficient positive social interaction over the summer enter the new school season with more anxiety.

Kids learning with others or alone on a screen

The Solution: Martial Arts classes include daily classroom activities that strengthen children’s emotional outlook. In fact, more confident children enter the new school season excited about all of the wonderful opportunities that schooling has to offer! 

Many people have an image of summer being a carefree happy time where “kids can be kids,” and take for granted the benefits of enriching experiences from organized activities. Even just two times per week in a structured program can make a tremendous difference in a child’s intellectual development over the summer, which ultimately helps with their physical, emotional, and social development as well. Do your research and find a program that provides these benefits in a manner that is also fun so that kids can still be kids and not lose that carefree and happy summer lifestyle.

To learn more about our Summer child development-based martial arts program that utilizes ring-tested martial arts and cutting-edge brain training as the vehicle to maximize your child’s growth or to get him or her started click the button below.

7 to 9 year old kids martial arts
7-9 Year Old Kidz Kickboxing Program!

Introducing the Internationally Acclaimed Kidz Kickboxing Program!

7 to 9 year old kids martial arts

Seven to nine-year-olds are what most people consider “the golden age.” They are proficient in their vocabulary and problem-solving skills, yet they are not at the age where they want complete independence from adults. This makes the teacher-student relationship stronger than ever. The problem we discovered is they still lack core skills, and although they are highly intelligent, they struggle to keep up with students ages 10 and up. The solution we found is to provide them with their own program that targets their stage of development in a manner that adapts to their adventurous attitude and youthful nature while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. With that said a structured program introducing core skill-based training in Martial Arts has proven to be very successful.

Here’s an overview for the stages of development of children ages 7 to 9 kickboxing:

  • Physically – they typically have weak fine motor skills therefore proficient technique is not quite there yet. Also, they still tend to stumble when their body is in motion therefore advanced movement is still a little sloppy.
    • We expect them to initially struggle with great technique in their blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. We also expect them to initially look sloppy when jumping, spinning, switching feet, etc.
    • The goal for our program is to get them to perform technical blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances while applying power. Also, our goal is to get them to apply speed to motion without looking sloppy.
  • Intellectually– they are extremely bright, but they typically have a hard time concentrating during distractions.
    • We expect them to initially lose focus if there are other, more “interesting” things going on around them. We also expect them to forget simple commands mainly because they try to “over-think.”
    • The goal for our program is to get them to concentrate on the task at hand despite other distractions. Our goal is to also get them to retain simple information without trying to put excessive thought into it.
  • Emotionally– they are wonderfully stable and love challenge. However, they will typically show excessive fear when they over-process something.
    • We expect them to have emotional stability for the most part on normal days. We also expect them to initially show excessive fear when put on the spot.
    • The goal for our program is to help them persevere through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up. We will also help them face their fears.
  • Socially– they love to interact with others, especially adults. However, they typically don’t like when something is unfair and will be determined to point it out and be heard.
    • We expect them to initially interrupt us when they think something is wrong. We also expect them to show great determination when trying to get their point across.
    • The goals for our program are to help them know how to address problems and challenges properly without interfering on the overall flow of the class.

By understanding the stages of development of 7 to 9-year-olds, we were able to select age-appropriate skills that make up the Kidz Kickboxing Program

Kids who quit martial arts
Children Don’t Quit Martial Arts, Parents Do

At NAK Martial Arts, we believe in the power of commitment, not just for our young martial artists, but for their parents too. Children don’t quit martial arts, parents do. Your dedication shapes their journey toward discipline, confidence, and success. Over the 35 years I have been teaching martial arts I get tons of adults that tell me when they were a child they were disappointed that their parent’s let them quit, usually at one of the firt 3 belts. But if you truly want to help you child become successful;

Here’s how you can support your child’s growth:

  1. Be consistent with attendance. Discipline and confidence stem from structured commitment.
  2. Encourage perseverance through tough times. Overcoming challenges breeds true confidence.
  3. Teach the value of commitment. Resilience is built by seeing things through, even when interest wanes.
  4. Embrace the journey to black belt. Completing the martial arts journey instills invaluable life skills.
  5. Lead by example. Your involvement cultivates your child’s confidence and discipline.
    Together, let’s empower our children to thrive with unwavering commitment and dedication. Get them to the dojo and witness their transformation into strong, focused individuals ready to conquer life’s challenges!
10 to 14 yr old martial arts class
10 to 14 yr old Martial arts Class

Introducing the Internationally Acclaimed Youth Muay Thai Program! 🌟

Ten to fourteen-year-olds are the smartest students in the school. Yes, they are smarter than most adults! They are also physically competent and can excel in most physical challenges that are presented to them. The problem we discovered is they are so focused on what is socially acceptable that they have a hard time keeping themselves emotionally driven to the task at hand. The solution we found is to provide them with their own program that targets their stage of development in a manner that nurtures their social and emotional instability while at the same time building skills that set them up for success. With that said a structured program introducing extreme skill-based training in Martial Arts has proven to be very successful.

Here’s an overview of the stages of development of children ages 10 -14:

  • Physically– they typically have great technique and agility, but they can be lazy which leads to sloppiness.
    • We expect them to initially be sloppy on things that are easy physically.
    • The goal for our program is to get them to understand their potential if they pay attention the intricate details. We normally bypass the basics elements of physical development and jump right into the complicated details.
  • Intellectually– they are extremely smart. Their critical thinking skills are top-notch, but their decision-making skills are typically the exact opposite, and that is why most adults treat them like a child.
    • We expect them to initially make choices that are easy as compared to applying thought and effort.
    • The goal for our program is to get them to see the bigger picture and apply their intellect.
  • Emotionally– thanks to science, they are typically all over the emotional spectrum. This is more prominent in boys than girls.
    • We expect their efforts to be based on what they think is cool.
    • The goal for our program is to help them apply intrinsic motivation and realize their true potential. Our goal is to also help them improve their decision making skills with drills that challenge their reaction time.
  • Socially– they care about what their peers think. If something is cool, then they will put more effort into it.
    • We expect them to initially hold back if they are uncomfortable as a defense mechanism.
    • The goal for our program is to help them excel at everything they do, especially in front of a crowd.

By understanding the stages of development of 10 and 14-year-olds, we were able to select age-appropriate skills that make up our Youth Muay Thai Program.

As you can see we take Martial Arts training to a whole new level! We use extreme elements of traditional Martial Arts curriculums to build skills that are appropriate for 10 to 14-year olds. This means that your child will learn and grow at a pace that is not too easy, nor too challenging. The best part is the Youth Muay Thai program will equip your child with skills that they will utilize in every area of their life

If you truly want your child to become their best self check out our 10 to 14 yr old Martial arts trial program today!

But don’t take our word for it; check out what Murfreesboro parents think of our 10 to 14 yr old Martial arts program

Muay Thai in Murfreesboro

The Art of Muay Thai: More Than Just a Martial Art

In the world of martial arts, few disciplines command the respect and admiration that Muay Thai does. and now you can train in Muay Thai right here in Murfreesboro. Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai, also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” is a striking art that utilizes fists, elbows, knees, and shins. But Muay Thai is more than just physical combat; it’s a holistic experience that shapes individuals both mentally and physically.

Why Muay Thai Rocks:

Muay Thai distinguishes itself through its emphasis on total-body engagement. Unlike other martial arts, it incorporates clinch fighting, a technique where fighters grapple in a standing position, adding an extra layer of strategy and skill. The combination of powerful strikes and close-quarters combat makes Muay Thai a versatile and effective martial art.

Physical and Mental Benefits:

Beyond the physical aspects, Muay Thai cultivates mental resilience. The rigorous training builds discipline, focus, and mental toughness. Practitioners learn to push past their limits, gaining confidence and self-esteem in the process. It’s a sport that not only sculpts a lean and strong physique but also fortifies the mind.

Why Choose Muay Thai at NAK Martial Artsin Murfreesboro:

At NAK Martial Arts is the place to train Muay Thai in Murfreesboro. Our experienced head Coach Dave Dow can ensure a safe and supportive environment, where beginners and advanced practitioners alike can thrive. From mastering the fundamentals to refining advanced techniques, our programs cater to adults and children as well as diverse skill levels.

Murfreesboro Residents – Start Muay Thai Today!

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with Muay Thai? Join NAK Martial Arts today! Our Murfreesboro gym awaits, where you’ll not only learn the art of Muay Thai but also become part of a community that values growth and camaraderie. Enroll now and get our exclusive Web Special and experience the empowering blend of tradition and modern training methods.

Muay Thai is better than karate classes in Murfreesboro Tennessee
Empowering Young Warriors: Why Muay Thai Triumphs Over Karate for Kids

In the dynamic world of martial arts, Muay Thai emerges as a superior choice for kids, surpassing the traditional appeal of Karate. Here’s why Muay Thai takes the lead in shaping young warriors:

  1. Realistic Self-Defense Skills: Muay Thai equips kids with practical self-defense techniques relevant to real-life situations. The comprehensive skill set includes punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and knee strikes, providing a well-rounded approach to personal safety.
  2. Full-Body Workout: Muay Thai’s emphasis on using all limbs results in a full-body workout. Kids not only develop strength and flexibility but also enhance cardiovascular fitness, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  3. Cultural Diversity and Respect: Muay Thai’s rich cultural heritage instills values of respect, discipline, and humility. Kids learn about Thai traditions and customs, fostering a global perspective and appreciation for diverse cultures.
  4. Effective Striking Techniques: Muay Thai’s focus on powerful striking techniques gives kids a broader range of offensive and defensive maneuvers. The inclusion of elbow and knee strikes enhances their arsenal, providing more effective means of protection.
  5. Clinch Work and Close Combat Skills: Muay Thai uniquely incorporates clinch work, teaching kids effective close combat techniques. This valuable skill set prepares them for scenarios where maintaining control at close quarters is essential.
  6. Dynamic and Engaging Training: Muay Thai training sessions are known for their high-energy and dynamic nature. Kids remain engaged as they learn through interactive drills, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective.
  7. Adaptability in Various Scenarios: Muay Thai’s versatility ensures that kids can adapt to various situations, whether in self-defense or sparring. This adaptability enhances their overall martial arts proficiency.

In conclusion, Muay Thai emerges as a holistic and practical martial arts over karate for kids, providing not only effective self-defense skills but also a dynamic and culturally enriching experience. Enroll your child in Muay Thai at NAK Martial Arts to witness their growth as empowered and well-rounded young warriors.

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